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Tickets and Fares.

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A wide range of tickets types

Metrotenerife offers a range of ticket types adapted to the needs of their clients and to the economic, social and personal circumstances of each individual with discounts and personalized offers. Tickets are available on two in two formats: our contactless card ten+ and our ten+móvil digital app, both systems let you travel by tram and bus all around the island.

Tickets types


Proof of payment:

Ticket sale:



Uso General En



Proof of payment: Mobile phone / Transit pass

Ticket sales: App Ten+ móvil / Tram ticket machines

Recharging points: App Ten+ móvil / Tram ticket machines

Coste viaje tranvía: 1,35€ Tarjeta / 1,10€ Móvil

Uso: Ocasional en


Válido para 1 viaje sólo en el tranvía.

No permite trasbordo.

Discover how to with ten+móvil

Accessible app to buy and validate tickets using your mobile phone

Chica Estudiante
Chico usando ViaMóvil

A transport network connecting all the Tenerife Metropolitan Area

Transporte integrado

Integrated metropolitan transport

Integrated metropolitan transport is a reality thanks to the global coordination of public transport systems in the metropolitan area of Tenerife, through coordinated lines, information and fares to facilitate transport for all those travelling every day within the metropolitan area.

The integrated metropolitan transport system has been designed so that travellers can transfer at all tram and bus stops as needed, making access to and travelling between the different parts of the metropolitan area easy.

Puntos de Venta

Points of Sale and Topping Up

Ticket machines at all tram stops. The different types of ticket can be purchased at ticket machines located at all tram stops. Coins, banknotes and credit cards are accepted as methods of payment. The ticket machines are easy to use, with very intuitive menus and submenus.

Commercial Offices. You can also purchase the tickets and get information about the service from the two commercial offices located at the terminus of Line 1, at the Intercambiador stop in Santa Cruz, and the terminus at the Trinidad stop in La Laguna.

Other points of sale in the bus network. Tickets compatible with both modes of transport, tram and bus, can also be purchased in kiosks and retail establishments, as well as at bus interchanges.

ten+movil website. Through the Internet you can also purchase tickets to travel with the ten+móvil App.

Ten+ website. You can top up your contactless transport card on www.tenmas.es.

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